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The Donggang Photography Museum is the living center of Donggang and Yeonggwol

Museum info

We give you a warm welcome to Dong Gang Museum of Photography

Dong Gang Museum of Photography as the first public museum of Photography, which opened in July 2005, is the Cultural Facility to take on a role in revitalizing as Museum Village in Yeongwol where is born again to be the home of the photography through the Declaration of Photo Village for the first time.

This two-story building with a basement on its about 9917㎡ site and 1940㎡ of the total area, located in front of Yeongwol county office, has an open-air gallery and a multipurpose auditorium as well as 2 main galleries.

Not only Korea's representative documentary photographers' works from 1940s to 1980s but also photographers' works which have been taken part in Dong Gang International Photo Festival since 2002 and the works donated by the winners of Dong Gang Photography Awards are in this museum. There are the works on Gangwon documentary photography business and the donated works by residents in Yeongwol as well, that are all about 1,500 works and more than 130 classical cameras.

We will make a greater effort to position as the cultural space in public through a variety of temporary exhibitions and educational programs such as the exhibitions of museum's collection, the invitation exhibitions of renowned photographers and Dong Gang International Photo Festival, and so on.

Mayor of Yeongwol, Gangwon-do